Keeping Fed: Vampirism Symptoms

“Name some real traits that you have that are similar to a vampire.”

In my opinion, metaphysical skills are neither here nor there — anyone can be have them, by practice, or naturally. It doesn’t mean you are a vampire … We do tend to be more emotionally sensitive, though.

Blood-thirst would be key (for sanguinarians), and probably one of the very first signs… otherwise, early inklings could be feeling a hunger that you cannot satisfy. Please, please, PLEASE… get yourself medically tested (many times), before going to the conclusion that you have vampirism, though!

A well-fed vampiric individual will not have much more skill or ability than a very healthy regular person. Some feel they gain various traits and behaviors from their donors. If one donor has faster healing, the vampire may get faster healing. It really just all depends individually…

However, going without for a while, you will have a number of physical traits that varies between different individuals… but some common ones are:

• Dermal and Ocular sun sensitivity: Ranging from migraine headaches, eye burning, dryness, and easy sunburn, rashes, hives, or otherwise feeling like you’re being set on fire and your skin is baking…

• Regular food becomes harder and harder to digest, often either being blocked up completely for weeks or things going out the same way they went in.

• Overall weakness, fatigue, low-heal rate, heart either slows dramatically or speeds up, or both in the case of the heart needing to work extra hard to stay functioning.

• Hunger, blood-visions (basically uncontrolled daydreams of ripping into people or animals,) hunting/stalking behaviors, mental faculties decrease, loopiness, feeling drunk, etc… and if self-preservation doesn’t work, often times self-destruction creeps in instead… some people call this “The Beast.” I call it “dark shifting.” Either way, you aren’t fun to be around.

• Pain… everywhere. Muscles, joints, innards, head, eyes. Sights, sounds, smells; everything is painful.

I half-heartedly joke that an unfed vampire is truly “undead.” Perhaps it’s not actually undeath, but unlife… It’s not a fun existence unless you have consistency in donors, or another source. I’m not sure why anyone would actually want to be like this.


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